Through a self-service concept, we offer the possibility that the client can wash and dry all kinds of garments in an hour and at a much more competitive price than in an industrial dry cleaning or laundry.

Our goal is to make life easier for the client, obtaining the best washing results and allowing him to take advantage of the time to devote to other things.

That is why we have selected for our laundries the most efficient, simple and robust machines and the products that best clean and take care of clothes.

We have integrated them an automatic system that adds the product at the right time and in accurate amount to achieve the optimal result.

You Will enjoy doing laundy!

Discover a new way to wash your clothes.

Discover how to save money and time to do other things while you take care of your clothes.

Come to TXUKUN and enjoy a chain of self-service laundries designed for you.

In each Txukun the experience is always as economical, ecological, fast and safe.

With Txukun all are advantages!

Our establishments are equipped with the highest technology, which allows us to offer high quality services and with out need of personnel to work properly even though we recommend having a person at certain times to supervise and attend to the proper functioning of the business.

The establishments are open 365 days a year and with a schedule of 8:00 and 22:00 solidly as a general rule, there may be exceptions in shopping centers or in low transit locations.

  • Take advantage of your time! Do your shopping while doing laundry. Or take a coffee. Or read a good book …
  • Save money. Why invest in an expensive washer and dryer if you can have the best machines of the market and pay only when you use them?
  • Take care of your clothes. We have designed our washing system to achieve the best cleaning with maximum respect for your clothes and fabrics.
  • Take care of the environment. All the products we use in our laundries fulfill the most stringent environmental regulations.
  • The best equipment. We put at your service the washing machines and dryers with the most advanced technologies on the market, always in perfect condition.
  • Active oxygen. Active oxygen puts all the bleaching power of oxygen at the service of a less aggressive wash with fabrics and colors.



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