We are a company with a lot of experience in the laundry sector

Our current project is Txukun (Self-service laundries)

We are dedicated to create intelligent washing centers, which, through the use of high-quality industrial machinery, offer to the general public washing and drying services in an economically favorable and totally
sustainable way with the environment

We combine business experience with the enthusiasm and drive of youth. Our goal is to offer services that improve people’s lives. Innovative services, designed to solve more effectively the small problems of daily life.

TXUKUN, an automatic, simple and efficient laundry service.

Located in areas that allow you to take advantage of time while doing laundry. A service that helps you saving time and money

We currently have nine own laundries, located in strategic points of Bizkaia, Guipuzkoa, Araba and Navarra.

Our plans are to grow to reach all the municipalities and neighborhoods that we can, in order to expand to communities such as Cantabria and La Rioja.


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